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While people may feel their hair situation is hopeless due to genetic factors, there is actually hope with hair restoration procedures. In particular, PRP hair restoration is a wonderful, non-surgical option to regain control of your hair. PRP has been used for decades to help wound healing, and it is also effective in stimulating the hair follicles to promote thicker, healthier hair.

How does PRP hair restoration work?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is found in your blood, and it has a regenerative effect on virtually any part of your body that requires it. During PRP hair restoration, the first step is to draw blood. It is then placed in a centrifuge and spun down to isolate the PRP from the rest of the blood cells. Once this is done, your dermatologist is armed with pure PRP from your own body. The growth factors in PRP are known to supercharge your body’s natural healing process. The platelets in PRP work to stimulate stem cells right in the hair follicle, leading to a more active, livelier follicle.

For patients who have already undergone hair transplants, PRP is a fantastic supplementary treatment to help the newly transplanted follicles become fully active.

Results from PRP hair restoration vary from patient to patient. In general, patients who undergo PRP hair restoration three to four times per year have reported impressive results from treatment.

PRP hair restoration – the non-surgical alternative

Some patients understandably do not want to undergo a full hair transplant procedure, or they are simply in the early stages of hair loss. For such patients, PRP hair restoration may be the perfect alternative to find relief from hair loss, all with a minimal downtime procedure.

Because PRP is harvested from your own blood, this procedure offers no concern regarding negative reactions to the treatment. All told, PRP hair restoration is a viable option to regenerate existing hair follicles, returning them to their full production and lush result.

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Why choose Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists?

When you come to Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists for hair restoration, you are entering an office of technical excellence and boutique, personalized care. Dr. David Golberg, world-renowned dermatologist, has assembled a team of board-certified dermatologists who are eager to provide you with top-tier care.

While we of course deliver the full array of medical dermatology procedures, we are also known for our artistry in cosmetic techniques. With procedures such as injectables, anti-aging treatment, non-surgical body contouring and more, our patients routinely find relief from a number of unwanted cosmetic conditions.

When you choose our office, you will find comfort not only in your results, but also in every aspect of your treatment.

How do I get started?

To start on the road to better hair health, contact the offices of Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists in NJ or NYC. Your first step is an initial consultation, followed by a recommended treatment regimen. We are excited to help you get the results you seek.

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