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Do you have scar tissue on your skin that is blemishing your appearance? If you have any scars on your face or body, you may benefit from our NYC scar treatment with dermal fillers at Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists.

What is scar treatment with fillers?

Any wound on your skin may result in a scar, which is the final stage of the healing process. The appearance of a scar depends on body site, depth of injury and genetics, along with proper wound care during the various stages of healing. Once a scar is present, a variety of techniques may be employed to minimize a scar’s appearance. For certain types of scars, treatment with dermal fillers is the ideal way to help blend the scar tissue in with your regular skin tone.

How does scar treatment with fillers work?

Scars are actually remarkable evidence of your body’s ability to heal itself. Nevertheless, from a purely cosmetic perspective, scars can be an unwanted blemish on your skin. Sometimes, the best way to restore your appearance to an aesthetically pleasing skin surface is through the use of dermal fillers, which can even out skin texture shadows caused by scars.

How is scar treatment with fillers performed?

Scar treatment with fillers could not be easier, as this quick and near painless procedure has the benefit of being immediate and non-invasive. Your procedure begins with the application of a topical anesthetic designed to minimize any pain or discomfort. The filler itself is carefully targeted with microneedles designed to place the filler where it can achieve maximum smoothness. A variety of fillers can serve this purpose. Among them, Bellafill® is FDA approved to last 5 years for certain acne scars.

Scar Treatment in NJ

Can scar treatment with fillers be combined with other treatments?

During your consultation, we will review your treatment options with you. After analyzing the nature of your scar tissue, the next stage is recommending a course of treatment, which may include blending multiple treatment strategies with fillers. Oftentimes, fillers are the perfect complement to other treatments to help give you optimal results.

What is the cost of scar treatment with fillers?

Your costs will vary depending on your unique needs. During your consultation, we will review your recommended course of treatment with you and discuss your costs. In addition to accepting all forms of payment, we also provide convenient financing options. Please speak with one of our concierge staff members to get more information.

How do I get started?

Getting started is easy. Just set up your consultation today, and we will help you find the fillers solution that is right for you. Call today to set up your appointment.

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