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At Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists, we use platelet rich plasma as a completely biocompatible rejuvenating treatment. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is found in your own blood and promotes healing and blood clotting—because of this, it has been used in the medical field for many years to cultivate healing in patients. Due to its healing properties, it can also be used to rejuvenate aging skin or even scalp that is beginning to lose hair.

PRP: Rejuvenation with your body’s own platelets

The first step in PRP rejuvenation is drawing your blood. We then use a centrifuge to spin out the platelets from the red blood cells. Once we have isolated the platelets, they are then carefully re-injected into the target area where rejuvenation is needed. The platelets then go to work promoting cellular growth and repair, which cosmetically corrects wrinkles and fine lines, as well as skin elasticity and hair growth.

How do we use PRP to improve skin tightening?

With a myriad of benefits to its credit, PRP is also known for triggering collagen production, which improves skin tightening around the injection site. PRP is often used medically to speed the healing of tendons, ligaments and muscles. Those same properties can be applied to the skin, renewing not only skin elasticity, but overall appearance as well. Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists offer a PRP facial in NYC & NJ.

PRP Facial in NYC

Can PRP really improve hair growth?

If you are suffering the results of mild hair loss, platelet rich plasma rejuvenation may be the answer. Its remarkable healing properties can even be applied to failing follicles, improving the strength and thickness of the strands. In using PRP for hair regrowth, you may need multiple injections to ensure an effective result. In some cases, you may opt to use local anesthesia to improve comfort during treatment. You and your dermatologist will thoroughly work out all details prior to treatment.

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What are the steps of PRP rejuvenation?

  • First, a small amount of blood is drawn—similar to any standard blood test.
  • The harvested blood is placed in a centrifuge and spun down, allowing the platelets to separate from the red blood cells.
  • The pure PRP is re-injected into the target area, whether the skin or the scalp. This lasts approximately 15 minutes.

More details about the procedure:

  • The injection process is virtually painless for the patient, however, we may opt to use local anesthesia if you prefer.
  • The procedure is fairly casual, with no post-procedure medical monitoring required.
  • Because the platelets come from your own blood, there is almost no danger of an adverse reaction.
  • There will be some mild redness or swelling following the procedure which should resolve in one to two days.
PRP Facial in NJ

Why choose Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists?

Our office not only delivers a boutique, personalized experience to every patient, it is also a teaching practice, allowing other practitioners to avail themselves of our expertise.

In addition to the full array of medical dermatology, our office also delivers cosmetic dermatology procedures with total artistry. Our rejuvenating procedures include injectables, lasers, and non-surgical body contouring.

When you come to Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists, you can expect our concierge team to be dedicated to your comfort and results. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, please call our office.

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