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Sculptra® Butt Lift in New Jersey and New York

If you want a perkier rear end, you may be like thousands of other men and women who are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift. But we have a better option at Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey — our innovative Sculptra® Butt Lift that uses an injectable filler to shape and define your buttocks. Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists offers Sculptra® Butt Lift procedures to the residents of New York and New Jersey.

What is a Sculptra® Butt Lift?

Whether you want to enhance what Mother Nature gave you or address the effects of aging and gravity, our Sculptra® Butt Lift is an excellent option to improve your buttocks. Depending on your anatomy and life stage, eating right and exercising may not do the trick Now you can achieve an attractive lift and add volume to your buttocks without undergoing surgery. At Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey, we offer an innovative solution to the sagging backside problem faced by so many men and women. We administer injections of Sculptra®, an FDA-approved cosmetic injectable product that contains a special ingredient to naturally enhance your buttocks.

How does a Sculptra® Butt Lift work?

Sculptra® is an injectable product that contains poly-L-lactic acid that is proven to stimulate collagen production. Administering the product into your buttocks triggers a natural response by your body. As the collagen develops in the deep layers of skin, your buttocks gradually “fill in” to give you a shapelier and defined posterior.

Why choose the Sculptra® Butt Lift?

Most butt lift procedures immediately change the size and shape of your buttocks. People will notice the dramatic change, and you may need some time to adjust to your new rear end. With our Sculptra® Butt Lift, the change is gradual, so people will believe that you have been working out more. The slow improvement also allows you to adjust to the changes more comfortably than with other methods. Other benefits are:

  • Natural lift
  • Improved elasticity and skin quality
  • Better contours
  • Increased volume
  • Reduced appearance of cellulite
  • Long-lasting results

How long does it take to heal?

Sculptra® is a preferred injectable treatment that requires no downtime or healing period. You can resume your activities right after the appointment, but you should avoid exercise for at least three days. This ensures that the Sculptra® product settles into the tissues. You may notice slight tenderness, bruising and pinpoint bleeding around the injection sites. These symptoms will only last one or two days and will not interfere with any activities.

Is the procedure painful?

Sculptra® is administered by our experienced staff, so the discomfort is very minimal. You may feel a slight pinch as the fine gauge needle in injected into the deep layer of skin. Each treatment takes 30 minutes or less.

How soon will I see results?

You may need two to four treatments to achieve the desired results of your Sculptra® Butt Lift. Each treatment is scheduled at a two to four-week interval. Sculptra® contains the active ingredient suspended in saline solution. The solution will add some volume to your buttocks for the first 24 to 48 hours, so you can see how your buttocks will look once the collagen is fully developed. Within a few weeks, you will notice gradual improvements to your derrière, and best of all — the results last up to two years. Results can be further improved by combining the Sculptra ®Butt Lift with the Ultherapy™ Butt Lift, Laser liposuction and Z Wave treatment.

What is the cost of a Sculptra® Butt Lift in New York and New Jersey?

The cost of the Sculptra® Butt Lift is based on the level of correction and your individual anatomy. Because these factors are highly variant across patients, we can provide an accurate cost after your consultation appointment. For your convenience, Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey accepts cash, personal checks, credit cards and two excellent financing options that work for every budget — CareCredit® and Alphaeon™ Credit. Please speak with our concierge team for more information.

How do I get started?

Dr. Goldberg and his staff are the best resources for learning more about the Sculptra® Butt Lift procedure. The first step is for you to schedule a personal consultation with our physicians or physicians’ assistants. Your buttocks will be evaluated to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Dr. Goldberg and his staff at Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey provide personalized care to the residents of New York and New Jersey with state-of-the-art technology for optimal health, aesthetics, and patient satisfaction. To receive more information about our Sculptra® Butt Lift procedure or to schedule a consultation, contact us to speak with one of our friendly staff.


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