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Press Releases

Dr. Goldberg to Co-Organize 15th Annual IMCAS Meeting in Paris

Dr. Goldberg is pleased to be co-organizing the 15th annual meeting of IMCAS to be held in Paris, France, in January 2013.

Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists Offers New e-Matrix Treatment for Acne Scarring

Dr. David Goldberg, of Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey, announces that he now offers the e-Matrix treatment for acne scarring in his NY & NJ offices. The e-Matrix is a radically different approach to nonsurgical skin rejuvenation for acne scarring. The cosmetic dermatologist uses e-Matrix sublative rejuvenation on patients in NYC and NJ.

New Study Highlights Better Treatment Option for Melasma Patients

Dr. David Goldberg performs Melasma Treatments NY: New York and New Jersey cosmetic dermatologist Dr. David Goldberg conducted a study on a new cosmetic laser treatment that may help women who suffer from Melasma. Melasma is a condition in which large brown spots or age spots appear on the face, hands and other sun-exposed areas. The New York cosmetic dermatologist says the laser is a gentle way to target brown spots caused by Melasma and improves the look and feel of the skin. Dr. David Goldberg treats Melasma patients with laser treatments in NYC and New Jersey.

The Sturge-Weber Foundation Honors Dr. David Goldberg

Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr. David J. Goldberg of Skin Laser and Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey was honored by the Sturge-Weber Foundation at a tribute dinner held in Miami on March 5, 2010. The New York City Dermatologist was given one of the Industry?s highest honors for his innovative work with skin lasers, cosmetic dermatology, and facial rejuvenation techniques.

Leading Dermatologist Dr. David Goldberg Discusses the Latest Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

Renowned dermatologist Dr. David Goldberg of Skin and Laser Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey presents findings on the future of facial fillers, the Liquid Facelift, and the latest facial rejuvenation techniques at the 34th Annual Hawaii Dermatology Seminar.

Dr. David Goldberg introduces the Titan Procedure? – A breakthrough in painless skin tightening for the face, neck and body

Mother Nature can be cruel to us over time, causing the elastin in our skin to slowly disintegrate, resulting in sufficient aging in our face, neck and body. In a youth-oriented culture, the baby boomer generation is no longer content with plastic surgery as the only solution to sagging skin.

Forget about Manolos, Louis Vuitton and Prada – Women in the know want youth for Christmas

BOTOX? is so yesterday. These days, the most pervasive trend in skincare is Fraxel? Laser treatments. With only a handful of physicians in the New York/New Jersey Metro area with access to this new, FDA approved, non-invasive laser treatment, the Fraxel? laser is on every society woman?s holiday wish list.

The Latest Weapon in the War on Anti-Aging Wins FDA Approval

Dr. David J. Goldberg pioneers the next generation injectable filler – Sculptra?.

Anti-Aging at the Drugstore

Expert Advice for Navigating the Aisles in Search of the Fountain of Youth ? Dr. David Goldberg, leading dermatologist puts the country?s most popular products to the test.

Newly FDA Approved ?Hylaform?? is the Latest Injectable Filler to Combat the Signs of Aging

Dr. Goldberg Introduces Revolutionary Newly FDA Approved Filler ? Hylaform?

I Have Got You Under My Skin?

Growing old gracefully is a thing of the past. The most innovative anti-aging procedure, Mesotherapy of the face, once the best kept anti-aging secret in France, has now arrived in the states and is now being administered by Dr. David J. Goldberg.

Sounding Off On A Radio Frequency Instant “Facelift” That’s So ThermaCool

This procedure uses radio frquency to lift the face, brow and cheeks without surgery and without downtime.

Climbing The Corporate Ladder In A Mini Skirt

How Today?s Female Corporate Executive Gets Fabulous and Goes Right Back To The Boardroom

The Bad News: Plastic Surgery Is Dangerous The Good News: You Don’t Need It

In the midst of America?s obsession with cosmetic surgery, new non-surgery techniques are starting to emerge. People can now combat the signs of aging on their lunch hour.

Light Years Younger: The Definitive Guide to Anti-Aging Skin Care

In his new book “Light Years Younger: The Definitive Guide to Anti-Aging Skin Care,? David J. Goldberg unlocks the mystery by presenting an in-depth, breakthrough discussion regarding the new anti-aging skin care treatments.

Beauty and the Beam: Photodynamic Therapy Gives a Jolt to Skin Rejuvenation

Photodynamic Therapy (or PDT) for treating aging and sun damaged skin is emerging as a powerful new tool to enhance the results of non-ablative laser and/or light therapy.

Zap Those Zits For Good

A new study by David J. Goldberg reveals FDA approved laser acne treatment. In this study, the CoolTouch laser was shown to improve the look of acne scarring without surgery and without any recovery time.


Dangers Lurk in BOTOX? Parties

BOTOX? parties pose numerous dangers according to Dr. David J. Goldberg. He warns consumers that BOTOX? treatments are not safe outside an appropriately trained physician’s office.

Laser Conference Sheds Light on Advances & Caveats

Thousands of dermatologists and health professionals are gathering at the 60th annual American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) in New Orleans to discuss, among other skin issues, cosmetic laser applications.

New Treatment for Wrinkles on the Market

FDA approves MYOBLOC?, a quicker acting alternative to BOTOX?, that provides the same results.

Worry Lines and Premature Aging Caused by Stress to be Addressed by Expert on Laser Skin Care

In these times of stress, anxiety and poor air quality, our skin takes a beating. Dr. David J. Goldberg explains how to defy premature aging through managing the Stress-Effect on your skin.

Growing Number of Men Seek Laser Hair Removal

FDA Approves new laser hair removal techniques for dark skin.

“Pros and Cons” of Skin Laser Surgery to be Discussed at Women’s Health Symposium

Dr, David J. Goldberg will deliver a presentation, “Lunchtime Lasers: Miracle Makeover or Buyer Beware,” as part of the Women’s Health Symposium


Keeping you healthy and beautiful.

"Dr. Goldberg is one of the most skilled dermatologists in the industry. He is the first dermatologist to utilize the most cutting- edge lasers and techniques. Beyond his skills as a dermatologist, he is someone I trust to care for my skin." - R. G., New York, New York

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