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Kenya Mission Trip


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Recently I finished the most remarkable and rewarding trip of my life, where I spent time in the Maasai Mara of Kenya. This journey and experience for me was not only very emotional but life changing. While I was there, I was able to see the fruit of the work and investment that Free The Children has poured into this community. Free The Children is a charity that is structured, funded, and operated under their social enterprise organization called Me to We. Their 5 pillars of change and growth for this community include: education, clean water & sanitation, health, alternative income, agriculture & food security. I had the pleasure and honor to work alongside with the staff at the Baraka Healthcare Clinic, providing the medical care to the vast dermatological conditions that presented. In this community, there is such an immense need in the form of medicinal therapies for dermatology. Having this opportunity to provide them with some of these medications and treat various conditions, allowed me to play a small part in what makes a global difference in the lives and wellbeing of others. In the span of my entire career, I have never felt more rewarded as a clinician than while serving at the Baraka Clinic.

In addition to providing medical care, I had the opportunity to visit a private secondary school named Kisaruni; that Free The Children has sponsored. I was completely taken by the eloquent diction, articulation, and confident poise that these girls displayed as they gave us a personal tour of their campus grounds. I was not only impressed that all of these students spoke at least 3 languages, but their sincere appreciation for education and higher learning was clearly evident. They took pride in their school, the community, and the future career paths they desired to obtain.

As we drove throughout the town you would see the clean water depots that Free The Children set in place for the community. Every day there would be groups of people gathered around to receive the water to bring back home, which for many of them could span anywhere from 400 yards to a 2 mile walk. But the smiles, the gratitude, the graciousness, and the love for the community and even us as visitors poured out and touched my heart in a way that I will never forget. For a community of people that have so little, they are so happy for the advancements and the hope for future changes that will occur. A lot has been done, but there is still a lot more ahead. Each one of us is a small piece, and when all those pieces come together the puzzle is complete. A beautiful picture can be displayed to represent the effects of self-empowerment, community growth, and the power of working together that will continue to change lives across the world.

Thank you Kenya for the privilege to serve!

~Carmen Davis, PA-C

To support and learn more visit www.freethechildren.com





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