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New Jersey Residents Ask: How Often Should I Have a Chemical Peel?

Facial Peels in New York and New JerseyAs we age, lines, wrinkles and dark spots may begin to emerge on the face. Although this can be a distressing sign for many, the good news is that chemical peels are highly effective at removing the damaged outer layer of skin to reveal a smooth and glowing complexion underneath. Facial peels can be safe and effective on a wide range of skin types, so if you have questions about peels, such as how often they should be done, here is what you need to know:

Chemical Peels Come in Varying Strengths

One of the first aspects of a chemical peel you should understand is that there is no one-size-fits-all for every patient. In fact, there are three levels of chemical peels available, depending on your unique needs. Light peels are the most superficial, treating fine lines, dry skin, acne and uneven skin color. Medium peels address sun damage, deeper wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Dark peels tackle more serious sun damage, scars and the deepest wrinkles. The frequency with which you get a chemical peel will depend on the type of peel you pursue, given that recovery times and depth of effectiveness will vary.

Frequency Depends On Your Needs

For patients who require a deep chemical peel, it is important to note that recovery time will be the longest and the peel will be the deepest and most intense available. As a result, you may accomplish your goals after a single peel. However, for those who pursue light or medium peels, you may elect to have a maintenance peel every few months to maintain the overall health and appearance of your skin. Those who elect a medical glycolic peel can expect to have three to six treatments every two to three weeks. The best way to determine your frequency needs is to schedule a consultation.

Results are Long-Lasting

Regardless of the peel you choose, one of the best aspects of a chemical peel is that your results can  be long-lasting, provided that you continue to take care of your skin. This means that a chemical peel is an investment you can feel good about for a long time to come.

At Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey, we pride ourselves on helping our patients achieve the clear, healthy skin they desire. So if you have questions about our chemical peel services and are ready to learn more, do not hesitate to contact us.


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