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New Jersey Residents Ask: How Many Laser Treatments are Needed to Remove Dark Age Spots?

Age and Sun Spot Removal in New York and New JerseyFor many, a smooth, clear complexion is the ultimate beauty goal. Although this may be easily attainable in our youth, it can become more difficult as we age. Thanks to a variety of reasons, such as lifestyle, genetics and sun exposure, dark spots can feel like an inevitable part of life. However, laser treatments are available to remove dark spots and restore your more vibrant look. So if you have been wondering how age and sun spot removal could work for you and how many laser treatments you might need, here is the information you should keep in mind:

The Q-Switched or Picosecond Laser Can Help

The first step on your journey to eliminating dark spots is to understand which procedure could be beneficial for you. Many of our patients have success with a treatment by the Q-Switched or Picosecond Laser. This laser treatment helps break apart the pigmentation that causes dark spots, so that it can be naturally absorbed by the body.

Effective for dark spots and tattoo removal, the Q-Switched and Picosecond lasers remove 75-100% of an individual brown spot during one treatment, providing fast, effective results. Although some patients report slight discomfort during the procedure, if you are concerned about the potential discomfort, you can request a topical anesthetic.

Your Treatment Plan is Customized

Due to the fact that each individual’s needs are different, the number of laser treatments you need to remove your dark spots will vary. The best way to determine your treatment plan and learn more about our laser treatment services is to schedule a consultation. This appointment will give you the opportunity to express your concerns and understand the most effective plan of action. However, generally, patients achieve their desired results after approximately two treatments.

Learn More, Today

At Skin Laser & Surgery Specialists of New York and New Jersey, we have years of experience helping patients eliminate their unwanted dark spots, so that they can enjoy the beautiful, flawless skin they desire, at any age. Dr. Goldberg and his team are skilled in achieving high quality results. So if you have questions about our services and are ready to learn more, we are here to help. Simply contact our office today to get started.


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