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A Closer Look at ThermiVA™: A New Treatment for Vaginal Rejuvenation

ThermiVa™ in New York and New JerseyAs women age, childbearing and menopause can be stressful for their bodies. Millions of women across the country suffer from increasingly frustrating changes and side effects due to the natural processes of aging and menopause. Some of these include vaginal looseness, stress incontinence, dryness, and pain during intercourse. Vaginal looseness alone can cause a slew of issues, directly impacting your daily comfort. In addition, sagging and stretched vaginal tissue can be visually dissatisfying and may even lead to more serious health issues like pelvic prolapse of the bladder or rectum. And while other invasive and uncomfortable forms of treatment for loose vaginal tissue exist, patients have been hard pressed to find the time to put life aside and undergo complicated surgeries and procedures. However, thanks to cutting-edge treatment technologies, ThermiVa™ provides patients unprecedented comfort and convenience while easing symptoms and tightening vaginal tissue.

How does ThermiVA™ work?

When it comes to targeting loose vaginal tissues, there is no better solution than ThermiVa™. ThermiVa™ employs a small hand device that delivers a carefully tuned gentle heated radiofrequency to both external and internal vaginal tissue. The thin 0.5” wand emits radiofrequencies to heat deep tissue layers, causing tightening and stimulating collagen proteins at the cellular level. The three-part treatment process is painless, non-invasive, and non-hormonal without downtime or causing any long-lasting side effects. Changes can be seen and felt within hours of your first appointment with long-lasting results!

Is ThermiVa™ right for me?

With ThermiVa™, patients can hope to treat a variety of vaginal symptoms stemming from menopause or childbirth. If you experience vaginal dryness, laxity, incontinence, or painful intercourse, or are simply unhappy with the appearance of your vagina, you might be a potential candidate for ThermiVA™ treatment. ThermaiVA™ is a great option for women of all ages seeking to rejuvenate their bodies. This innovative technology is a near scientific fountain of youth.

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